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                        Rick Seaman Tech Adviser Consulting Service

 For telephone questions and advice from Rick

Seaman's Tech Adviser Service, call Rick at (818)

. If urgent, call Rick's cell phone at (818)

. The fee for this "phone line" consultation

is $10.00 per minute/10 minute minimum, $100.00 total.

 Before calling, use the link below to pay in advance using PayPal. Then make your call to

Rick. If your consultation session goes to 10 minutes and you need to continue, you will be

asked to go back to our PayPal link and make another pre-payment of $100.00. If you prefer,

you may make an initial payment of $200.00 for a full 20 minutes in order to avoid the brief

interruption for additional time purchase.

 Thanks, and congratulations in advance for using this service to ensure the success and safety

of your stunt prep and performance.

Consulting Fees

Note: Your Invoice Will Show Payment Made To: Teen Defensive Driving, This Is Our PayPal Account. Thank You For Your Order.

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